One of my favorite movies is “The Patriot” staring Mel Gibson. Whether you like Mel Gibson or not is immaterial to the movie. It is a stirring  portrayal of he struggle of our forefathers during the Revolutionary War, our war for freedom against Britain’s unfair taxes and control over their colonies in the new world of the Americas.
Many people were not in favor of this “revolt” against Britain. It was their home nation, they had friends and family there, and many had been born there. If fact the main character played by Gibson was against the revolution, until forced by the evil and violence of those in power to make a choice to stand for the right and freedom.
One of the themes running through the movie was the use of the simple phrase, “Stay the course.” This was saying, “Don’t forget your purpose,” “Don’t be dissuaded of the urgency or importance of your convictions”. It was a way of saying, “Don’t be discouraged by what is going on around you, simply stay the course (or stay on course).”
It’s interesting also that Gibson stared in the movie Braveheart. It was the story of William Wallace and the fight of the Scotts against the British trying to subjugate them. The message was similar in that movie, “Stay the course,” “don’t loose sight of what is important.”
Both movies asked the question of the viewers (I believe), concerning “what is really important to you”. For what would you be willing to die? And the answer comes ringing back in both movies: “My freedom, the freedom of my family and the freedom of my nation is that important!”
This 4th of July, is our celebration of our nations Independence from the cruel and unfair demands put upon our ancestors by the British ruling powers. Although we are no longer under the control of that nation, we are under the control of a government in our own nation which has (for the most part), lost all connection with us, its people. They have also lost all connection with the principles upon which our nation was founded of being “one nation under God”.
We are (it seems to me), still fighting the same battle which has been fought through the years. The battle to hold on to our freedom! The freedom to worship and live the way we as individuals want, freedom from persecution or restrictions regarding our beliefs by the government which is suppose to protect our freedoms.
I know at times it seems as if we cannot win against the powers which govern our country, but know that God is still in control. Know that there are millions of people in our nation who will stand along side of you and be counted for righteousness.
I do not know what the future will bring. I do not know how we will be called to stand and make a difference, but I challenge you to be ready to do whatever it takes to maintain your (and my) freedom. Stay the course! Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!'” (Isaiah 6:8)

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