It’s all about the weather!

It seems that at almost any time of the year, the first topic of conversation is the weather. In fact if any conversation every lags, just ask about the weather to get it going again. Is it going to rain, it is going to snow, how much snow is there going to be, is there going to be fog or ice? Sometimes an optimistic person will ask, “Is it going to be sunny today?,” which leads to the question of how hot it might get.
I saw an interesting sign the other day that really got my interest. It said, “TODAY’S FORCAST: GOD REIGNS AND THE SON SHINES”. I mean, think of the truth of that statement. Our weather is so unpredictable, so changeable, it can change in a matter of minutes, but God is the one constant in our universe.
I love what James has to say about God in regard to this in James 1:17. He tells us, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows “. (NIV)
Our lives are full of shadows aren’t they? Loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, economies which crumble, prices which climb, our ability to pay for daily necessities, age sneaking up on us, abuses, betrayals, health issues, and the list could go on an on. Shadows come and shadows go, but God is constant, “he never changes or casts a shifting shadow“.
As you are dealing with the latest crisis in your life, your shadow, wouldn’t it be nice to feel safe for a change, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to deal with the shadows? Could it just be time to look at your relationship with God and start to put a light in your life?

I read a funny little saying the other day that said, “If they don’t want you to snack at night, why did they put a light in the refrigerator?” In the same way, if God didn’t want to light your life, why did the creator of all light make it known to us that he is the light? Maybe it’s time you reconnect to “the Father of light” in your world. He never promised to take away the shadows, but he will give us light to deal with them as they come and go from our life. Why? Because, GOD REIGNS AND THE SON SHINES.

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