Sometimes you get a pit

Have you ever been enjoying a nice piece of cherry pie and suddenly come across a cherry pit (seed)? I have, on several occasions in my life. Pits are unexpected and sometimes painful; at the very least they are a nuisance.
Life sometimes is that way also isn’t it? That’s why we have the saying in America, “Isn’t that just the pits?” You know what I am talking about I’m sure. You are expecting a good day and along comes a pit. Your life is fairly untroubled and an illness or accident pops up. You are doing well at work and then you get the word your job is ending. Your church life is going pretty well, and the preacher announces that he is retiring. “Isn’t that just the pits?”
I wish that we could find a way to make our lives always fun, always joyful, always feeling good, but that just isn’t the way life is, is it? Often it seems we have the wrong idea that our relationship with Christ is suppose to make bad things stop. That idea is strengthened by what we do, say and sing to one another. I have always enjoyed singing the song Blue Skies and Rainbows.
In case you don’t know the words here they are: (1) “Blue skies and rainbows and sunbeams from heaven. Are what I can see when My Lord is living in me. (2) Green grass and flowers, all blooming in springtime, is works of the Master I live for each day. (3) Tall mountains, green valleys, the beauty that surrounds me. All make me aware of the One Who made it all. Chorus: Jesus is well and alive today; He makes His home in my heart. Never more will I be all alone since He promised me that we never would part.”
That song proclaims how wonderful our life will be if we only have Jesus in it and it is 100% right if you are just talking about spiritual things. However the physical side of life keeps intervening with that perfect life doesn’t it? How is it that the apostle Paul could write, “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances” referring to all of his physical challenges? (Philippians 4:11) In verse 13 he writes, “I can do all this through him (Christ) who gives me strength.”
Paul accepted the fact that bad things sometimes happen in our lives, but he wasn’t living his life according to what happened to him physically. His hope and his ability to cope, was based upon what was going to happen after he left this physical world.
Yes, sometimes you get “a pit” in life when you were expecting to enjoy the cherry. Some folks give up or even get mad at God because bad things happen. They seem to say, “When I became a Christian I was only suppose to receive good things!” They will, but of course God has promised good things in the spirit and that is what they really struggle with.

So, can we still sing “Blue skies and rainbows are what I see when my lord is living in me”? Yes, of course we can if we understand what the promise is really about. Our promise is of a time to come when there will be no more tears, no more death, no more suffering (Revelation 21:4). That’s what Christians really live for, so if you are not, why not start now? Your “pit” is coming, how are you going to deal with it?

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