New Challenges


Many of you know that I have recently made some major changes in my life. I have retired from full time ministry and moved across country from California to Ohio. Our motor home, (in which we intended to live), sustained damage which made it unlivable for the present. We are living with family until that is corrected. If that weren’t enough I have now begun a new job in a new field in which I have no experience. I have lots of management experience, but not in this type of work. I am having to learn a whole lot quickly to succeed in this endeavor.
When I thought about the new challenge before me I thought I would check out the definition and here is what I found out about this particular challenge. The definition of the word is: “to arouse or stimulate especially by presenting with difficulties“. Well, to say that I have been stimulated by being presenting with difficulties would definitely be the truth about my situation. At times I feel totally unprepared for the challenge.
I’m reminded of some bible characters, who faced similar challenges. Men such as a shepherd boy named David, who became a giant slayer, an army commander and king of the nation of Israel. I doubt that while he was in the field with the sheep that he would have imagined that he would be a king, much less kill a giant with a sling shot. He did however trust that God was in control of all things and he believed that God can do whatever he wants with whoever he wants.
Another man who changed careers was the man who became the Apostle Paul. He was someone who fought with all of his heart and soul against Christians. He never in his wildest dreams would have thought he would become one himself. Yet he became one of the most influential Christians to have ever lived. He realized why he was so changed and why he was so successful. That is what he wrote the words of  Philippians 4:13, “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”
What is your challenge? Are you up to it? You may not be, but God always is! And you can do all things through him who gives you strength.

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