What are Elders and Deacons in God’s Church?


It’s not what the world thinks…

What are Elders and Deacons suppose to be? Most of the religious world had developed a complex system of one ruling body or person over a group of churches or congregations. Many times this is known as a diocese, but is this what God had in mind? To determine that we need to look more closely at what God thinks and not what the world thinks.

God’s guidance is clear…

The New Testament church is provided with a government for each individual local congregation. This government is sufficient for each church to be and to do everything God has designed for it to do by using Elders and Deacons. That is why this study book is so important for us today. It gives you the resources to study the question for ourselves and understand just what God says about Church Leadership or Elders and Deacons.

There is help in understanding God’s instructions…

To this end I have written a book titled: Elders and deacons in the church, A study of God’s directions for leadership in his church.

This study has developed from years of personal study and practical application. In working with local churches and schools of preaching in Africa we have seen the effectiveness of properly understanding the purpose of Elders and Deacons as well as their qualifications and duties.

This book is an in depth, yet easy to follow study of the leadership of God’s church as He directs it to be. Elders and Deacons are given this place of leadership, yet it is much misunderstood in the religious world. God meant it to be simple, mans interference makes it difficult. It is my hope this study will help all who read it understand God’s will better.

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Available in both Digital (Kindle) and Paperback.


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