When I remember….

Child singing in church

I remember Early Blessings

I remember when, unlike many, I have had a secret blessing in my life, the blessing of having godly parents. My mother tells me the first place I went after my birth, (just a week and a half old or so), was to a church meeting with them. So, I literally was raised in the church as the saying goes.

Things Change

Things Change

As I remember when, I remember of course that, “Things were different,” back then, as they always are. But as our young people look back in 60 years or so, they will say the same thing, “I remember when”. That “things change,” is one of the universal constants isn’t it? Yet at the same time, some things don’t change  and one of them is the need for committed members of God’s church.

How do we train today?

Recently the young men of our congregation led our evening worship period. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to be there because of illness, but thanks to the marvel of the Internet I was able to see pictures and video of some of what went on. The elders of our congregation recognize the need to train men, the young and not so young to participate in leading God’s church and we are thankful that we have those who can assist in doing that.

Memories fuel the fire to do God’s work


As I “remember when,” I remember a group of young boys at the Vandalia church of Christ in Vandalia, OH. I remember sitting in a class and learning the basics of public prayer, public reading of scripture, public speaking, serving at the Lord’s table and other things. I remember the first time I stood before the congregation passing the emblems for the Lord’s Table, then reading a scripture and reading a prewritten prayer. A couple of us went on to be preachers, others elders or deacons, some, (much needed), faithful members who continue to serve God’s church today.

I remember that it worked then and still works

This is the same learning system we still use today. First we learn our self and then train others. One of our senior Christians, James Bolen told me recently, “I remember the men’s training class we had in your basement. That was the first time I had ever spoken before people,” that was around 45 years ago.

We need to keep on training men in leadership…

The point is that it is important for us to try and help men, young or otherwise to learn the skills they need to become leaders in God’s church. You see, I remember that we weren’t blessed with programs like Lads to leaders, but we were blessed with faithful men, faithful fathers and mothers and grandparents, who helped us learn what God could do with our lives and then do it. That is what we need to bless our young men with today also.

God directs us in this….

God’s Word instructs us

If you haven’t done so, give these young men, (as well as all who serve), a pat on the back and encourage them as they serve God in whatever gift they have to use. Paul wrote to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:1-2:Therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit the same to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” That example still stands before us; let us continue to follow it.


Developing Leaders for the Church: Biblical Principles of Leadership Empowerment by [Campbell, Lattis]

Elders and Deacons in the church: A study of God's direction for leadership in His church by [Lawson, Russ]

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