You Can’t Get There From Here….


I was on a delivery run this past week and arrived at my destination at a huge power plant in Indiana. The guard looked at my delivery papers and said, “You can’t get there from here by yourself.” He had another guard lead me to the proper building in another vehicle.

Later in the week I delivered a shipment in Michigan. After delivering the load I turned on my trusty tablet with Google Maps and asked it to take me home and got a strange message. For the first time my display said, “I can’t find a route to that location from here.” I thought, “Wait a minute, I tell you to take me home everyday and have never had a problem.” I entered my location several times manually, but it I still received the same message. Thankfully, once I started driving again the problem corrected itself, but it started me thinking about the incident.

I felt a little bit like Dorthy from the Wizard of OZ. All she wanted was to go home and searched desperately for a way to go there.

Many of our world today are like that today, they want to go to that safe place where they can find rest, but don’t know how to get there. For some it is the problem of not really understanding that there is a place of rest.

We who are Christians understand what our true home is and where it is at, but the problem is that we would never have known that without something or someone to guide us. I will admit that I have occasionally taken a wrong turn on my travels because I thought I knew a better way than the map programs showed me. This is just the way some folks do when trying to get “home,” without following God’s map. Several times in the New Testament Jesus tells his disciples that he is, “the way,” and that he will provide directions to their waiting home. He even tells them he is going there to get things ready for their joining him. Jesus tells us the heart of the problem in Mark 12:24, “Jesus answered them, ‘How wrong you are! And do you know why? It is because you don’t know the Scriptures or God’s power.’

Map Ohio Roads

Before I go on a delivery run I always take a look at a map so I will have an idea of the route I have to take to get where I am going. So here is the big question for you; How often do you look at the map God left for you to get you to your permanent home, your place of rest? Could it be that each of us need to do a little better?

Road to eternal rest



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