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“When I first saw the work of Russ Lawson, I immediately recognized that he had a wonderful God-given ability to communicate through writing.

Through the years, he has continued to impress me with his talent of being able to relate everyday experiences (especially those of a parent and grandparent), to spiritual truth. This collection of his writings will often make you chuckle, occasionally cause you to shed a tear, but always lead  you to a deeper understanding of  God and His expectations for you search for hope in these desperate times.”

-Alan Smith – Thought for the Day


“A heart for God, a love for people, and the ability to share a message of practical hope are a hard combination to find. Russ Lawson has demonstrated and shared this rare combination of gifts in his weekly articles called, “My unexpected adventure”. Russ has blessed thousands of readers on Heartlight.com for several years and his writing has blessed me personally. Now he has collected a number of special writings in one volume to bless you. You will be blessed, entertained, challenged and changed if you will simply walk with Russ through some of his everyday insights from life that can make an eternal difference in your own.

-Phil ware – Editor, Heartlight.com

Words of hope for desperate times - Kindle

Paperback edition 

Description by Russ Lawson:

This book is full of stories, some true happenings; some just good stories. Each of these short stories is a lesson unto themselves. Mostly they are written with the hopes that they will touch something in your heart and help you in your daily struggle to make it through life in one piece. Our heart is a sensitive thing, putting more good stuff into our lives with help us keep it strong and resilient. Life has brought me many lessons on just surviving day to day and hopefully this book will help you learn to survive also.

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