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I have been a Writer for many years and have several books available on Amazon. I have

Russ Lawson

been a minister for almost 50 years, while also spending 6 years as a missionary to Africa. I am an elder in our local church and I also am a Certified Herbalist.

I have written a blog for the past 16 years and have been writing for the local newspaper for about 14 years. I have also been featured in several magazine publications through the years. I have written several book on a variety of topics, but recently decided to move beyond just blogging and began two different web pages which I am in the process of developing move fully at this time.

Although I am semi-retired, I need an additional income to provide the life style to which I am accustomed (such as eating regularly and paying the rent). I believe I have found a way to reach my goals of a more secure financial life and am working hard to reach those goals.

You will find a link to a group called “Wealthy Affiliates” on this website, I believe they can help me and perhaps they can help you also. Take a look at them and sign up for the free trial, I did and it changed my life.

Russ Lawson


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