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The Corona Virus and a Snake on a Pole

The Bible is full of wonderful stories that show us the power of God and how much he loves us as the people he created. We are called “humans”, but at times I wondered how much “humanity”, we really have … Continue reading

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My Anniversary

Unexpected Anniversary Can you believe how quickly anniversaries roll around? I really hadn’t thought about this one coming… not that it was a surprise, I just didn’t think about it, however I have it marked in my calendar. Now I’m … Continue reading

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Yesterday while at the church building I was standing in the back of the auditorium talking with my brother-in-law, Ralph. I was standing behind him, next to the wall. Melody, my wife, finally came up and said, “I’ve been looking … Continue reading

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When I remember….

I remember Early Blessings I remember when, unlike many, I have had a secret blessing in my life, the blessing of having godly parents. My mother tells me the first place I went after my birth, (just a week and … Continue reading

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To Vote or not to Vote… that is the question?

Should We Vote? Election time is coming up very quickly and I have been doing some checking regarding the last major election. The results vary of course, but something like 48% of all of those who claim to be Christians … Continue reading

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God will take care of you

Do you really believe that God will take care of you? This morning for some unknown reason, the Lord caused an old familiar hymn to start running through my mind, (I guess He had a message for me). There is … Continue reading

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It’s all about trust!

This week our daughter-in-law posted something on Facebook about trust that I found interesting. She wrote: “Sometimes you just have to place your Isaac on the alter and just trust.” I understood her meaning to be that there were times … Continue reading

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