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The church of the second chance

I was in Michigan recently and saw a sign on a church building that declared it was, “The Church of The Second Chance”. That thought has stayed with me and I have mulled it over and what the true message … Continue reading

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Reading God’s Word

I know it is a little past the first of January now, but I also know that some of you haven’t yet started reading God’s Word on a regular basis. I want to encourage you to think seriously about doing … Continue reading

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True Happiness    The other day our 11 year old granddaughter Allison was with us. She was watching a video and giggling and laughing as only a little girl can do. She was a picture of happiness! A scene from … Continue reading

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Books by Russ Lawson for Christmas

  Books by Russ Lawson – I’m  having a few technical problems with my website, so please forgive the random posts as I try and work things out.      

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It’s all about trust!

This week our daughter-in-law posted something on Facebook about trust that I found interesting. She wrote: “Sometimes you just have to place your Isaac on the alter and just trust.” I understood her meaning to be that there were times … Continue reading

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